Our company has been operating in the Pattaya real estate market since 2013 under the company APP property, which currently occupies the top positions at the real estate market in Pattaya.
In this difficult period of pandemic for the whole world, we not only strengthened our position, but also decided to expand our activity at Samui, Phuket and Phangan real estate market and open the new company LETO Real Estate
We offer to our clients an adorable prices, focusing on the real price range of the real estate market. Originally we were focused to the Russian speaking customers, but now among our clients are mostly Thai, Chinese and Europeans, who want to get the best prices from the motivated sellers from Russia, caused by the exchange rates. 

What we offer:

  • full support of the transaction, preparation of all legal documents required for the sale/purchase transactions

  • online real estate operations, buying and selling, sometimes both options at the same time

  • quality check of apartments and villas for encumbrances and unpaid balances before buying

  • appraisal and preparation of real estate for sale

  • free professional photo / video of apartments and villas if necessary

  • instant redemption of apartments by a company for a lower market value, but quick cash deals, no commission and additional payments

  • free legal advice in case of disputes with agencies, developers, buyers or sellers

Additional services:

  • we can recommend trusted rental agencies for those buyer who want to get a rental income, as we focus on real estate purchase and sale operation and rental service is not our company occupation
  • do not offer overpriced offers from the sellers or developers
  • we can warn from unscrupulous developers who fail to fulfill their obligations to buyers
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